Filipino Expat’s Passion for Farming Yields Results In Qatar Construction Site

There is a saying that passion beats talent.

But Dodie Manuel Gonzales, a Filipino worker based in Doha, Qatar, certainly has both passion and talent to grow his small veggie garden that continues to amaze his friends and other passers-by. Amid the presence of heavy equipment, construction materials and temporary shelters nearby, he managed to develop a green oasis of backyard vegetables swaying in the wind.

His hard work in farming veggies paid off and benefits not only for himself but for others. Whatever Gonzales grows in his far is freely given to friends or whoever cares to ask.

According to the Peninsula Qatar, many people send him messages over his Facebook page and he makes it a point to distribute his harvest to all.

“Even back home in the Philippines, we have vegetables in our back and front yards. All my neighbours are free to pick and harvest,” he said.

“I use the best soil available and also make compost from food waste. There is a huge possibility to make compost from food waste in Qatar” Gonzales added.

His small farm next to the temporary shelters include pechay, eggplant and zucchini.

Gonzales shares that despite the hectic work schedule preparing reports, he feels refreshed the moment he steps out of his workplace, as he witnesses the lush greenery of his vegetable plot.