More Woes For 2 Filipina Helpers As Employer Terminates Employer After Fight

The two Filipina domestic workers who worked for the same employer in Hong Kong and figured in a physical altercation were refused bail and could lose their jobs.

Adding to the woes of Priscilla Salazar Yra and Belinda Fajardo Anastacio is that their common employer would terminate their employment as a result of their fight, according to a prosecutor.

Magistrate Woo Huey-fang adjourned the hearing until Oct 31 and ordered the two Filipinas to remain detained at the lady prosecutor’s recommendation.

The Filipinas got into a fight while arguing about work matters inside their employer’s 43rd floor luxury apartment at The Harbourside in Yau Ma Tei. Their employer was out on a holiday in Thailand when the incident took place. The prosecutor added that she objected to granting bail to both defendants because of the seriousness of their offenses and strong evidence against them.

The prosecutor said Anastacio, 34, slapped 48-year-old Yra in the face and the two women pulled each other’s hair. As the struggle wore on, Anastacio then grabbed a ceramic cup and hit Yra’s right hand. The latter fought back and took a kettle filled with hot water and doused its content on Anastacio, scalding her chest and left hand.

As police responded to the scene, the two women were sent to Queen Elizabeth Holspital where they were treated for their injuries and discharged later that day.

By denying them bail, the two women will remain in detention as their job termination would leave them with no place to stay in Hong Kong.

Lawyers for the two had applied for bail for both their clients.

Yra’s lawyer said in his bail application that his client only had $80 in her wallet but could stay in her employment agency’s boarding house if granted bail.

Yra, who had been in Hong Kong since 2013, is said to have separated from her husband 14 years ago and has two daughters who are both married.

On the other hand, Anastacio’s lawyer said his client could post $1,500 bail and was willing to surrender her passport and live in an accommodation provided by her job agency. She has been in Hong Kong for just two years and has a clear record. She supports her parents and children in the Philippines.

Magistrate Woo told the defendants to return after eight days for their bail review. In the meantime, she said, they must remain in custody.