Sad Tales at Work For Filipino Construction Worker in New Zealand

A Filipino construction worker who moved from Qatar to Christchurch, New Zealand has spoken out of the alleged exploitation and abuse he experienced in his new workplace.

In a report by Radio New Zealand, worker who arrived in New Zealand in 2015, claimed he was paid NZ$24 an hour, below the industry standard of NZ$35. He also said he was overworked and bullied by colleagues, the report said.

The unnamed worker said he was hit in the back of the head and kicked in the butt and his co-workers called him an idiot and said he was stupid.

‘Sometimes I have been told I should be ashamed of myself,’ he said.

It was a pleasant experience during his first year at work, but it went downhill from there. During his second year on the job, his employer stopped giving him pay slips as he was told he did not need them. He also claimed he was subjected to unrealistic work demands.

‘Being told to complete eight hours of work in four hours was common,’ he said.

Fearing he could lose his visa, sponsored by his employers, if he air his grievances, the Filipino chose to stay quiet.

A recent study showed that many Filipino construction workers in New Zealand face pay discrimination and are treated poorly by their Kiwi co-workers. The Philippine government said it was looking into reports of exploited Filipinos in the country.