2 Filipina Helpers in Hong Kong Die Of Heat-Related Causes

Two Filipino domestic workers were found lifeless in the toilets of their respective employers in Hong Kong, citing extreme weather conditions, a report by The SUN said.

Labor Attache Nida Romulo declined to name the two workers, adding that their relatives in the Philippines were yet to be informed.

Welfare officer Lorna Obedoza of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration said the latest victim who was from Ilocos was 54 and had been working in Hong Kong since 2006. She was found dead in the morning of August 2.

The first victim was reportedly a 62-year-old native of La Union who was found dead on Jul 28 in the bathroom of her employer’s house in Mid-Levels. She arrived in Hong Kong in 2007.

The police, however, could not make immediate conclusion on whether the death was weather-related because the victim was said to be one or two days dead when her body was found.

“Our workers are too engrossed in their work that they neglect their own health. They should not forget their own health so that they can do their jobs well,” Romulo said as she sounded the alarm on the welfare of Filipino workers. She is planning to launch quarterly seminars on wellness for the Filipino community.

Assistant Labor Attache Angelica Sunga, who is a registered nurse in the Philippines, has reportedly been tapped to conduct the quarterly wellness seminars which should start soon.

Temperatures in Hong Kong soared to 33 degrees Celsius in urban areas over the past week. The Hong Kong Observatory has maintained its Very Hot Weather warning almost on a daily basis in the past two months.

Two other Filipinas were brought to the hospital in an ambulance Tuesday after feeling unwell on the 18th floor offices of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office at Mass Mutual Tower in Wanchai.

Romulo said the two were diagnosed to have suffered from heat exhaustion.