Filipino Arrested in Japan For Stabbing to Death A Filipina Woman

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a Filipino man after he allegedly stabbed his Filipina girlfriend at her home in Hamura City in western Tokyo on Monday, Tokyo Reported said, citing TBS News.

The woman later died on Wednesday, according to reports by NHK.

Alex Montefalcone Okuzumi, 30, a temporary worker, used a knife to slash the arms and legs of the woman, 26.

While the victim’s wounds were initially not considered life-threatening, she died at 6:00am on Wednesday due to shock as a reult of loss of blood, the Fussa Police Station said.

Okuzumi, who lives nearby in the town of Mizuho, tipped off police after the incident. Officers arriving at the residence arrested him on suspicion of attempted murder. He admits to the allegations, police said.

“I used a knife to stab her, but I did not intend to kill,” the suspect was quoted by police.

Police are now investigating what circumstances led to the incident. According to a previous report, the victim was in a relationship with the suspect.