Labatt Dela Torre To Return to Hong Kong Post

Labor Attache Jalilo dela Torre is expected to return to the post he vacated in Hong Kong in August 1, in a memo issued on June 27 by Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III.

His return, however, is pending a grant of exemption from ban on transfer of government personnel ahead of national elections in May 2019. Dela Torre also needs to get all paper work done, according to The SUN report.

Bello recalled Dela Torre on March 23, sparking protests by community organizations in Hong Kong.

Dela Torre’s designated successor, Leonida Romulo, is expected to arrive in Hong Kong by this Sunday, Jul 15, after her appointment was approved by the Hong Kong government.

But if dela Torre’s return pushes through as scheduled, Romulo, would end up serving as labor attaché for just 15 days, unless both will be ordered to serve concurrently. Romulo has a year to go before her compulsory retirement.

Dela Torre who was recalled with no formal charges filed against him, is set to finish only the remaining period of his original three-year appointment to the post, which is March 14, 2019.

New appointments to the same post now have five-year terms.

In several interviews, Bello had accused him of several misdeeds, from favoritism in giving accreditation to employment agencies, to issuing overseas employment certificates to Filipino workers in China, to outright corruption, The SUN reported.

Filipino groups that took active part in protesting for the return of Dela Torre were Unifil-Migrante HK, Global Alliance, National Organization of Professional Teachers, Mindanao Federation, Domestic Workers Corner, among others.