Filipinos, Korean Abducted by Gunmen in Libya

Three Filipinos were among a group of workers abducted by unidentified armed group in raides on water plants in southeastern Libya, a report by The National said.

Gunmen allegedly killed two workers — a Libyan engineer and a guard — and kidnapped two guards at a water plant in Tazirbu, according to the Great Man-made River Project, a pipeline network supplying water to the Libyan Sahara.

“An armed attack was carried out by terrorist groups on the Tazirbu site causing havoc, looting, killing and terrorizing families, children and the workers who ensure the supply of water to cities,” said a statement from the project.

The water plants form a vital link in a network that connects desert wells to towns and cities in northern Libya. The Al Hassouna and Tazirbu sites are about 1,000 kilometres apart, an official said.

It was unclear which group carried out the attacks, although suspected armed groups including extremist militants associated with Al Qaeda and ISIS have presence in Libya, notably in remote desert areas.

After the Libyan government plunged into chaos after the 2011 uprising that toppled the government and later killed longtime ruler Muammar Qaddafi, abduction for ransom has become a widespread practice and a lucrative source of revenue for militant forces.