Bangladeshi Man Jailed For Posting Photos of Filipina Ex-GF in Singapore

A court in Singapore has sentenced a Bangladesh national for eight months after pleading guilty to harassing and threatening a Filipino woman between April and December 2016.

The defendant, who arrived in Singapore to work as a manager in a shipping company while the victim worked as a domestic worker, Shin Min Daily News reported.

The pair met in 2004 via Facebook and started a relationship the following year. During their romantic involvement, the Filipina reportedly sent intimate photos to the defendant for his private viewing.

However, the relationship turned sour after the Filipina rejected the boyfriend’s marriage proposal in April 2016 and the pair then broke up. The Bangladeshi man reportedly felt he had been cheated by the Filipina.

Shortly after the end of their relationship, the man reportedly kept texting the woman to pay him back S$2,000, the sum he spent on dating her. However, the Filipina only managed to return the mobile phone he gave her.

The defendant then created two fake accounts on Facebook using the victim’s name and attached nude photos he received from the victim. Friends then notified the Filipina after discovering the malicious photos were shared on the social media platform.

In handing out the 8-month jail term, the presiding judge said the defendant deeply violated the victim’s trust.