Life in Prison for 3 Indian Men For Murder of Filipina in Kuwait

A Kuwait court has sentenced three Indian men to life in prison for their role in the brutal murder of a Filipino woman, Manorama Online reported.

The three defendants were identified as Ajith Augustine, Tijo Thomas, and a certain Tufail. The trio who are reportedly from the Indian state of Kerala were earlier let off by the criminal and appeals court citing lack of sufficient evidence.

The murder took place at Farwaniya in February 2014 when a fire was reported from a multi-storey apartment complex. A Filipino national was later found in the building.

According to the prosecution, the three had strangulated the woman to death and set her on fire in the apartment in which she lived to destroy evidence.

Initial findings of authorities considered that the blaze caused the death of the woman. However, a forensic examination revealed that the woman had died three days before the blaze.

Documents recovered from the scene led the investigators to the Keralite youths, who were workers at a bakery. It soon came to light that Ajith had borrowed from the woman, who used to lend money, charging an interest.

The prosecution argued that Ajith killed the woman to avoid repaying the money and with the help of his friends killed the woman and set the apartment on fire.

Though the lower courts had concluded that the prosecution failed to prove the case, the Supreme Court sentenced all the three accused to life, with the observation that they should not be allowed parole.