‘You Are Just a Helper’

A video of a local Hong Kong woman berating a Filipina domestic worker who was at a dog park with a young child in a stroller and two dogs on leash went viral on social media.

The footage, taken by a bystander close to the incident, captured the heated exchange as the Chinese woman yelled “you are just a helper” and telling her “go back to the Philippines.”

“You should shut the f*ck up! You are just a helper, OK?”, the woman shouted

“Why should I shut up? Do not put your hand to me!”, the Filipino answered.

“Why you bring the baby together with the dog!”, the woman added.

The woman said the dogs “are always barking” and accused one of them even bit her dog.

“It’s just barking. Your dog attacked first,” the Filipino responded and said that she had the dogs under control.

“You are not because your dog is barking at my dog every day!”, the local woman pointed out.

She also added that some people are also upset about the dogs barking and kept on telling the helper to call her boss.

“Ask your boss come here I tell him the rules. Or you give your number I call your boss, OK? Call your boss now! Ask him to come here now! I’m telling you, are wrong! [When you] take care of the baby you bring your two dogs, and your dogs… always keep barking, you should control your dog,” she said.

The Filipino then called her boss and told that a woman is complaining about the dogs.

“You actually should not be a helper, you know. If I’m a boss I would fire you. You have really bad attitude.”, the local woman then said.

“You call him. He asked me to give you the number, OK?”, the Filipino responded, asking the woman to call her boss personally.

But the local woman kept on yelling at the Filipino woman.

“You should go back to the Philippines! Bad attitude, bad helper!” the woman shouted.

“Thank you”, the Filipino helper responded.