2 Filipino Women Charged in Hong Kong For Selling Beer Without License

Two Filipino women in Hong Kong have been charged after they were allegedly selling dozens of bottles of beer without obtaining license to sell them.

Rosita T, a Hong Kong resident, and Marilyn R, a former domestic worker who is a recognisance form holder, appeared at the Eastern Magistracy on Sept 25 and pleaded not guilty to charges of selling 80 bottles of beer at Li Yuen Street in Hong Kong’s Central district.

Likewise, Rosita pleaded not guilty to the charge of employing someone who is not lawfully employable, and and Marilyn pleaded not guilty to breach of condition of stay.

Rosita, however, pleaded guilty to selling 540 bottles of beer without a license.

The defendants were scheduled to appear in court again November 20 and 21 with Eastern Principal Magistrate Bina Chainrai presiding the case. According to the prosecution, they will be presenting eight witnesses, and a 26-minute video recording.



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