Overstaying Filipina Helper Saved After Bleach Intake Try in HK

A Filipino domestic helper who has reportedly breached immigration laws in Hong Kong has been reported to have attempted suicide by gulping down a gallon of a household chemical on Tuesday, October 10.

According to a report by The SUN, friends of Ann A. said she was taken to a local hospital after swallowing bleach and recording the act on video, though none can confirm her current whereabouts.

About four hours after she sent the video of her downing the bleach to a friend, this message appeared on Ann’s Facebook account: OK lang ako, wag kayo mag-alala,” the post read.

Later, Ann posted in her native Ilonggo dialect that she was so depressed that she seemed to have lost her mind.

“Thank you gid sa kabalaka ninyo. May second life pa ako,” (Thanks for all your concern. I got a new lease on life”), she added.

The Filipina who hails from Cabatuan, Iloilo and is a mother of three young girls, can be seen in the video ingesting the bleach, with her mouth frothing from the liquid that flowed down her chin.

Ann sent the video to a friend who lives nearby, who then shared it in a group chat, until it reached the RMN radio station in Iloilo, which posted a blurred copy on its Facebook page.

The caption that accompanied the posted video indicated that Ann had an argument with her husband last Sunday, prompting her suicide attempt. A fellow Ilonggo who contacted the assistance to nationals section of the Philippine Consulate General reported that Ann’s last contract ended in June this year.

She appears not to have submitted a new contract, suggesting she has been staying in Hong Kong illegally since.

Ann is reportedly staying at a boarding house in Hong Kong’s Yuen Long district.



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