NAIA Security Guard Arrested For Stealing Tourist Cash

A female security guard stationed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 was arrested Friday morning for allegedly stealing a bag containing approximately P100,000 in cash, authorities said.

Airport police chief Major Bing Jose identified the suspect as airline security guard Eme Estrabela Rendoque, who worked for a private security agency. Bing said a Malaysian man arrived in Manila Thursday evening at terminal 3 and accidentally left his hand carried bag.

When he returned, the airline staff informed him that there were no items found inside the aircraft.

The airport police conducted a random search on the equipment of ground staff and found the missing bag inside the locker of Rendoque.

Airport general manager Ed Monreal said he has ordered Bing to file criminal and administrative charges against Rendoque and immediately cancel her airport security access pass.

He advised all passengers to immediately report to airport authorities any illegal act committed by airport staff or civilians.

“The Malaysian tourist’s instinct in directly reporting the incident is the key for the resolution of this problem,” he said.

Photo credit: Raoul C Esperas