Raffy Tulfo Helps 5 Filipinas Return Home After Facing Abuse By Their Employers

Four Filipina domestic helpers abused by their employers in the Middle East have successfully returned to the Philippines, with the help of television broadcast journalist Raffy Tulfo.

One incident caught on video showed an employer approaching the Filipino woman, Sandra Salem, in a room while masturbating.

The Filipina continues to resist despite persistent sexual advances of the man in the video. Sandra decided to take a hidden video footage of the abuse. She also sought help from Tulfo pleading for her to go home.

The second incident involved Filipina Florina Dathario, who was also a victim of sexual abuse.

“Humihingi po ako ng tulong sa inyo para makabalik po ako ng Pilipinas kasi inaabuso po ako ng amo ko,” Florina said in a video message.

She added that her employer has asked her to perform oral sex and other commands uncommon for domestic helpers to perform at home.

Florina has been dealing with this predicament for the past three months.

“Please naman po tulungan niyo naman po ako makauwi ng Pilipinas,” she pleaded.

Another Filipina OFW, Mercy Rosita, based in Doha, has also sent a video message asking for help so she can return home.

Mercy, who is visibly struggling to talk due to swollen mouth as a result of her employer’s beating, also sought Tulfo’s help.

“Gusto ko na po talagang umalis pero pinagbabayad ako ng 50,000 dinar,” Mercy said, before washing her bloody mouth in the faucet.

As a result of Tulfo’s action, the three women successfully returned to the Philippines and happy to be reunited with their family.

The fourth Filipina, based in Jeddah, tearfully asked for help so she can return home and escape from the clutches of an abusive employer who is said to throw knife at her.

She also managed to return home.

Jonah Pepito, based in Doha, tearfully sent her video message to Tulfo as she showed her swollen cheek as a result from repeated slapping by her employer. The employer warned the Jonah’s contract isn’t finished yet so she cannot go home.

Yet through the broadcaster’s effort, she likewise was able to return to the Philippines.

The five women also sent video message to Mr Tulfo, expressing their deep gratitude for his role in rescuing them.