Stingy Singapore Employers Leave Maid Sleeping in Corridor While They Were On Holiday

A domestic worker in Singapore ended up sleeping in a Housing and Development Board apartment corridor after her employers refused to allow her to stay in their flat while they were on vacation.

An overseas Filipino worker, identified as Facebook user Ashleycute Camaro Baccay, posted a photo on Filipinos in Singapore Facebook group showing a domestic helper of a neighboring family sleeping in the corridor.

Based on the post, it was unclear what is the nationality of the domestic helper.

Expressing pity over the situation, Ashleycute Camaro Baccay said this neighboring employer has asked their maid to look for free accommodation as they won’t pay for lodging costs for their maid while they are away on vacation. The Facebook user added that the sponsors don’t give enough food and does not provide own room for their helper.

The shared photo sparked outrage among Facebook users.