NBI Clearance Now Multipurpose

Every NBI Clearance issued will now be intended for multiple purposes.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre has issued epartment Circular No. 017, mandating the issuance of a general purpose or multi-purpose NBI Clearance.

“From specific to multi-purpose! That is our new Unified NBI Clearance system”, Aguirre said.

“The Unified NBI Clearance system is our answer to the needs of our people who are faced with the modern demands for record-keeping and civilian identification imposed challenges amongst many Filipinos who seek clearances from the NBI for their specific purposes. Once the NBI clears an applicant, he is cleared for whatever purpose, plain and simple!”, added Secretary Aguirre.

The NBI Clearance Outlet where I got my clearance, with only a few people in line.

Under the issued Circular, the Department of Justice has instructed the National Bureau of Investigation to replace existing formats that appear on every clearance NBI issues from “Issued for whatever legal purpose” to a multi-purpose clearance. This implementation shall commence 15 days after the notice is published in newspapers for general circulation.

“The DOJ, the NBI and all of our agencies will Do More, Give More and Be More in the service of the Filipino people”, Secretary Aguirre concluded.