Terminated Filipina Domestic Worker Fined For Stealing Clothes at Hong Kong Shop

A Hong Kong court has fined a Filipina domestic worker after she pleaded guilty of theft after she stole clothing items from a shop.

Judge Jacky Ip Kai-leung of the the Eastern Magistrates’ Courts on January 20 fined Mary Jane U. HK$2,500 after she confessed to taking away five pieces of clothing items at a Giordano shop in Central.

According to prosecution said that at the manager of the clothing shop observed the defendant acting suspiciously. May Jane then took the five clothing items and put them in her recycled bag and left the shop without paying for the items. The manager then chased her and called police afterwards.

The woman initially denied taking away the clothing items, worth HK$930, without paying for them.

Before the court, the defendant’s lawyer in mitigation said the 39-year-old Filipino previously had a clear record before this case. She had arrived in Hong Kong in January 2015, but was terminated on December 23, 2016.

“Her husband works as a construction worker in Saudi Arabia and is earning some $3,200 monthly. She has three children, two daughters aged 16 and nine, and an 11-year-old son and they are all in school,” the lawyer said.

The lawyer added the defendant, who sends out between HK$1,000 and HK$2,000 remittance money to her family in the Philippines, is willing to pay HK$2,000 fine.

“I have considered the defendant’s good record, and that she pleaded guilty on the first day of trial, which is today, so she is entitled to a 25-percent discount. I have also considered the type of the property that was stolen and the value of the stolen property, I have decided to impose a $2,500-fine,” said Judge Ip.



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