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How to Open a Stock Investment Account at COL Financial

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Once you decide you would like to invest in stock market, you may or may not know yet that you need to have a broker or agent which will facilitate your investment on stocks of your preferred companies.

Before you proceed: How to trade stocks in the Philippines

Agents or brokers provide a number of advantages such as offering you guidelines on the health of a company, whether it’s advisable to invest there or not. They also make it very convenient for you to place your orders as many of whom provide online platform where you can manage your stock portfolio, buy or sell stocks. In return for the services, these stock brokers charge a certain fee for every transaction, usually a flat fee or a percentage of the transaction amount.

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There are many stock brokers around — many of whom are closely related to banking and finance companies. But for this tutorial, you’ll learn how to open a stock investment account at COL Financial.

There are 3 Account Types at COL Financial:

COL Starter (P5,000 or above) – This is an entry-level account suitable for long term investing and requires the minimum investment amount. This account type provides access to basic research reports (company earnings and other fundamentals), standard market information, and end-of-day charting data.

COL Plus (P25,000 or above) – This type of account allows traders/investors to allocate funds for the short term, medium term or long term. It provides streaming quotes (real-time transaction of stocks indicating the transacting agents, volume of trade and price), comprehensive research reports and live chart data with some customizable features. If you would like to do technical research about certain stocks, this account type also offers the necessary tools needed. In addition to all features found in COL Starter, COL Plus also has streaming data over your quote page, watch list (stocks you wish to monitor), an expanded 6-pack, and charts with live data. You can also schedule a purchase your preferred stocks using COL’s Easy Investment Program.

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COL Premium (P1 million or above) – This account type has all the features of COL Plus. But it also includes a personal relationship manager dedicated to assist you in your investment journey.

How to Open a Stock Investment Account at COL Financial

  1. Download Application Forms (Click here)colf-account
  2. Print and fill out the forms
    • Customer Account Information Form (CAIF)
    • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)If you don’t have Tax Identification Number (TIN), you may refer to the table below for the procedure on how to apply.tin-application
  3. Prepare additional requirementsFILIPINO CITIZENS
    • Photocopy of one (1) valid government issued ID
    • Photo and signature must be clear


    • Photocopy of one (1) valid government issued ID
    • Photo and signature must be clear
    • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) or Work Permit from DOLE


    • Authentication of a photocopy of one (1) valid passport
    • Photo and signature must be clear
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    • Photocopy of one (1) valid government issued ID of the parent
    • Photo and signature must be clear
    • Birth Certificate of the minor applicant
  4. Submit application forms and other requirementsYou may submit your application to COL Financial office at


    2403B East Tower, PSE Centre,
    Exchange Road, Ortigas Center,
    Pasig City 1605, Philippinesor if you are based overseas, you may submit your applications at i-Remit branches.
  5. Fund your account
    Once you have received the confirmation that your application has been accepted, you may start funding your account.If you’re based overseas you may do the following:a. Online banking at Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)Banco de Oro (BDO)MetrobankAsia United Bank (click link for instruction)
    b. Overseas remittance thru BDO
    col-bdoc. Overseas remittance through i-Remit
  6. Check your account online
    Wait for 24 hours (or over the weekend) before fund is credited to your account. Login using your COL Financial account number to verify. If you have questions, you may email or call  +632 6 515 888.


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