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6 Main Reasons Why Many Filipinos Want to Leave the Philippines

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If you ask Filipinos abroad, there are plenty of reasons why they chose to leave the Philippines — at least temporarily.

Families Are Already Abroad

With growing diaspora population, it is not surprising that we now have more friends who have family members abroad, migrants or temporary workers. At some point, Filipinos separated due to economic reasons wish to reconnect again. It’s either the one working overseas goes home, starts a business and reunite with the family. Or decides to continue their overseas careers and bring their families there.

More Job Opportunities Abroad

This could be the single most common answer if we run a poll. Opportunities abroad could mean more available jobs, less discriminating recruitment process, better wage and working conditions or a lower tax rates. This might be an indirect play to what’s going on in the Philippines: contractualization, age discrimination, high withholding taxes and low minimum wage rate. If there’s a better alternative, Filipinos are quick to take advantage. Sadly, this often means separating from family.

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Getting Hopeless in the Philippines

The Philippine government often gets the flak for various things such as corruption, incompetence, mudslinging and other signs of an unstable management of a country in dire need of big time revival and redemption from decades-long agony. There’s progress, but people are getting impatient. Deciding to leave the country in favor of economically stable, accept aspiring immigrants and provide a better road map for the future.

Find a Different Experience

Not all those who leave the country are in search of greener pastures. Some who decide to flee are already well-off and have secure lives in the Philippines. They just want to experience something different and their restless, wandering thoughts yearn for more. Not that they hate the Philippines, but more of seeing what’s “out there”. They study abroad, long-term backpacking, learn different cultures and experience unprecedented adventures.

Bad Experience in the Philippines

There are Filipinos who leave the Philippines not because of their attraction to go abroad, but to avoid what’s in the country. They might be broken-hearted and chose to live and work abroad to heal heartaches, or their families were at risk such as political persecution, or avoiding an old grudge.

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Escape Persecution

Unfortunately going abroad is also the way to go for crooks who try to escape persecution for the crimes they committed in the country: corruption, violence and other offenses. By staying outside of the Philippines — especially on countries that don’t have extradition agreements with our country — they can virtually assure themselves of their safety.

For every Filipino who queues at the airport bound for some random foreign land and settle there, there are plenty of reasons why they chose to do so. Whether or not returning back to the Philippines is in their plans, their hearts remain truly Filipino.

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