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SSS Number Application Now Possible Online

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In an effort to boost registration numbers, the Social Security System (SSS) has enabled electronic application process for applicants, the state-run pension fund said Friday.

SSS said in a statement that it will also accept online SSS number applications from entrepreneurs, freelance workers and those who belong to the informal sector. Voluntary membership and application for SS number for non-working spouses of active SSS members and overseas Filipino workers are also welcome.

Instead of joining the line at SSS branches, applicants can simply access the website

“This will benefit millions of current and future Filipino workers starting their employment in the private sector, households or overseas,” SSS Officer-in-Charge of the Service Delivery Department Renato N. Malto said.

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In the past, SS numbers can only be obtained by personally applying for it at SSS branches.

Malto said the SSS has adopted a two-phase application process for the online issuance of SS numbers — the web system will initially verify if the applicant already has an existing SS number using the full name and birth date given by the worker, who must also provide an email address as part of the first phase.

An initial SS number would be considered provisionary until applicant presents supporting documents such as birth or baptismal certificate or valid papers.

The SSS said in 2014, nearly 2.3 million manual application forms for SS numbers were received at SSS branches, including 1.67 million E-1 forms for regular and household employees; 583,146 RS-1 forms for self-employed workers; 20,458 OW-1 forms for OFWs; and 5,517 NW-1 forms for non-working spouses of SSS members.

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