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How to Apply for OEC Online

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The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has launched an online facility to apply for overseas employment certificates among overseas Filipino workers.

The online facility is available for use by Filipino workers on vacation, rehired, or returning to the same employer, and with an existing record in the POEA database.

The system allows OFWs to generate and pay for OEC without going to designated Philippine embassies and consular locations.

Returning workers who don’t meet the above criteria can avail of the Balik Manggagawa appointment page for prompt OEC application.

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The system eases the waiting time among Filipino workers to apply for OECs a few weeks or days before their flight to the Philippines.

The cost of this online facility is P119.50 which will cover staff costs, infrastructure and lease of e-payment portal, according to POEAChief Facebook page update.

A short guide on the use of this online facility is also available.

Procedure on Application of OEC Online

  1. Visit the Balik Manggagawa website. For first time users, applicants need to register details such as name, birthday and gender and provide an active email address to receive verification.
  2. Once account verification is complete, return to the Balik Manggagawa website and log in. Prepare documents such as passport and visa copy, original OEC – must be issued in the Philippines.
  3. Fill out the information sheet and enter the date of departure from the Philippines.
  4. For first-time OEC applicants, an appointment system allows them to choose where and when to pick the OEC.
  5. After clicking ‘Set Appointment’, review the details of the form as it appears on the page for a preview.
  6. Return visitors who don’t need an appointment at designated pickup points can use an e-payment facility where he or she can choose to pay using online banking systems. Upon payment, the user will be led to the “self-print” option. Print three copies of the OEC along with the system-generated certificates and receipts.
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