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5 Valid Reasons Why It’s Wrong To Be An OFW

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Deciding to become an overseas Filipino worker likely points in the right direction. Bigger salary, secured future, it’s all in the plan. But wait, it’s also wrong to be an OFW in many ways.

We leave our families behind

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As OFWs, the first most significant decision to make is to leave our family as we head somewhere faraway in exchange for something better in the future. Although we call it sacrifice, others may call our exodus abandonment. It’s because our decision to go abroad leads to the separation of members of the family, a basic unit of the society, and puts it at risk of breaking up.

We spoil our children

Showing off with expensive shoes that sometimes can’t even be found in stores in the Philippines puts gratitude on the faces of our children in school. But for others, such material blessings can become instruments for bragging rights and attitude of materialism. Some people may suspect that showing our love and compromising for the extended period of our absence by their side is spoiling them. Worse, our children could find other sources of influence and guidance in our absence, which may not align with our principles as parents.

Regrets: many Filipinos think that it's wrong to be an OFW
Regrets: many Filipinos think that it’s wrong to be an OFW

We fuel brain drain

Our presence in our workplaces benefits the host country. As laborers, architects, or nurses, our services are geared towards the people and places where they are located. Many of us may have availed of government scholarships and grants only to use them for our benefit, instead of returning the favor by serving the country.

Our well-documented life abroad could also inspire others to join us in forming the chronic problem of brain drain. It has left the Philippines bereft of qualified professionals supposed to build the nation from its present state.

Our views change

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Having left the Philippines and been exposed to a new society and new culture, we have suddenly changed our ways. Although this is mostly for the better, some of us could give up bad habits and old values taught as children as we embrace “open-mindedness.”

Our views on contraception or same-sex marriage might clash with our longstanding views of the family. It becomes easy to judge those policies we see abroad that work should work if applied in the Philippines.

We contribute to the progress of our host country more than the Philippines

In many states, OFWs are required to pay taxes. The more skilled you are, the higher your wage is, the higher the tax you pay. Since you do not work in the Philippines, you don’t pay tax there anymore. We always take pride in our dollar remittances that sustain the economy of the Philippines.

However, the fact that we don’t pay taxes deprives the country of funds used for social services and public infrastructure. The government’s inability to effectively collect taxes and apparent misuse of government funds is another story.

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  1. For Me it is a simple reason if I not work outside the country, my children cannot go to college and then they cannot study , I always emphasize to them working outside the country is the last option or matter of survival ,and regarding tax issue I think payment of owwa membership ,oec and other payment requirement is enough , and i wish to inform the author that all ofw is not a rich man so spoiled our children is not the case 2 of my children as of now studying in public school 1 son in elementary and i daughter high school and 3 of my son college university private school , . since i have no option , the final blow I think I wish to inform the government that think more what other benefit can give to ofw after their retirement . I agree working outside the country is very hard we cannot return the hence of time that my children is still young I know this feeling because my father working also in saudi arabia for 25 years he came back after 67 years and during their time no sss implementation so he came back without pension and nothing

  2. In my own opinion, if you will apply as a Household worker or DH, you must to prepare the consequences, its either your sponsor good or not ! yes! it is a noble job too,, but if there is an option to apply to other vacancy such as Sales, Restaurant staff, Hotel staff or any not related in the house hold much better, or otherwise wait for some hiring and be patience for the right time. Here in middle east 89% of our Domestic workers are being abused by their sponsor, they are working 14-hours without rest day or day-off and not paying their salary too. That ‘s the most horrible happens everyday in Middle east countries. So please stop sending Domestic workers here in the Middle East. The Philippine Government is always late to rescue for these problem of OFW’s.

  3. Are you really a Filipino OFW?

    Do you really think that Filipino OFWs go abroad because they like it? Don’t you think that if there was a better opportunity in our own country, won’t we choose to work there instead anywhere else? Saying that what Filipino OFWs do is a mistake is just plain undermining, selfish, insensitive, and insulting.

    It’s not just about being an OFW. It’s about doing what you can do give back to the many things that you’re parents provided you. It’s about making sacrifices because you know you can provide a good education for your kids. And sometimes, in the simplest term, it’s all about fulfilling your dreams; either for your self or for the people you love.

    So the next time you post an article, try to have a good perspective of your topic and not just pushing your self to write something that would sell.

    Think before you write… (I bet you have a brain… use it)

  4. There are so many problems in the philippines, they have an age limit unlike most in the other countries they hired people even if they are in 60’s. Employer’s are so descriminative especially if you are graduated from the universities in the provinces. This kind of mentality kills the morals of many filipinos

  5. Too many fees are already being extracted from the OFW including the 1 month salary given to the agency. Government extracts Value Added Tax on OFW money spent on local products and services and this guy wants more tax . You’re like the couple that owns the goose that lays the golden egg. Try kill the goose, slit the stomach and look for the all golden eggs you want, you’ll end up with nothing. Then you’ll realize that the gooze was you’re livelihood. So, instead of thinking of ways to add burden to the OFW nurture them, use their scarifices to improve yourself and the country. Maybe when the time comes when everything have improved here in the Philippines, you can say to yourself then that the OFW reasons were right

  6. What brain drain are you talking about? When graduates from lesser known schools applies for jobs here in the Philippines, the HR of maybe all the companies will shortlist mostly graduates from prestigous schools. The lesser known school graduates generally gets the crumbs. One option is to work abroad which for me is not a wrong option. It also means that most companies, government agencies, etc. are hiring the best brains. So if you look at it there is no brain drain. What is pitiful is that even though the OFWs leave the country to the best of the best brains hoping that everything will improve, it seems that best brains they left to develop the counttry were the ones drained. So I ask you, is the OFW wrong?

  7. Before, I have no house and land and when one of my children is sick I beg for help from my sisters. Now l have a house and feed my mother, sisters and nephews and nieces and provide them all there expensive medicines daily. Now, is my decision to go abroad a mistake?

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