10 More Complaints Filed vs Mary Jane Veloso Recruiter

Ten more alleged job applicants processed by Mary Jane Veloso’s recruiter have come forward to bolster the evidence against her.

The ten submitted their affidavits to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) against Maria Kristina “Tintin” Sergio’s alleged illegal recruitment acivities which was reportedly blamed for the ill-fated Veloso to be convicted for drug smuggling into Indonesia.

Based on the affidavits of the 10 victims, Sergio would lure the applicants by promising them jobs as domestic helpers overseas. But not all of them would end up doing the jobs the were promised of.

One of the complainants was a relative of a Filipino arrested in Hong Kong for bringing 800 grams of heroin concealed inside a bag allegedly given by Sergio.

Veloso, whose execution with eight other drug convicts in Indonesia last week was put on hold, has accused Sergio of tricking her into bringing a suitcase with 2.6 kilograms of heroin to Indonesia in April 2010. Both Veloso and Sergio hail from Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

“Ni-recruit para magtrabaho as domestic helper sa Thailand tapos pinadala ng luggage sa Hong Kong so doon siya nahuli,” said Bassit Sarip of the NBI’s Anti-Human Trafficking Division.

Sarip added that they have more leads linking Sergio with a West African drug syndicate based in Malaysia.

He also questioned why Sergio would accompany her recruits abroad. The woman’s travel records show she went out of the Philippines 18 times in 2009 and 2010.


“Kataka-taka ‘yun kung bakit sasamahan pa ng recruiter ‘yung kanyang recruit,” he said.