10 Recommended Land-Based Recruitment Agencies

1. EEI Corporation
Electro-mechanical & civil works, construction/operation & maintenance craftsmen & personnel; non-construction personnel (nurses, hotel & restaurant staff)

2. Industrial Personnel & Management Services, Inc.(IPAMS)
Oil & petro-chemical (onshore and offshore projects), service industry, airline industry, recruitment of medical personnel, teachers

3. Manpower Resources of Asia, Inc.
Landbased construction projects; oil & natural gas onshore & offshore pipe laying & related facilities; dredging & reclamation; industrial operations & maintenance; power plant & substations & transmission lines construction; electro-mechanical works, oil & gas refineries, animal feed mill factories, IT programmers & professionals, hospital & care giving personnel

4. Omanfil International Manpower Development Corporation
Oil/gas/petrochemical industry; construction industry; medical/hospital workers; computer/information technology; food/restaurant; telecommunications, teachers

5. Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila, Inc
Project Managers, engineers, mechanics, electricians, storekeepers, welders, material controllers, fitters, and other highly skilled workers

6. EDI Staffbuilders International, Inc.
Nurses, Physical Therapists, Linemen, Supervisors, finishing workers, graphic designers, mechanics, electricians, architects, analysts, accountants, and other professionals & skilled workers

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7. International Skill Development, Inc.
Engineers, technicians, surveyors, draftsmen, plant managers, supervisors, heavy duty drivers, other skilled and professional workers

8. Abba Personnel Services, Inc.
Health care professionals (nurses, dental assistant, physiotherapists, therapists), engineers, construction workers (mechanic), general workers, teachers

9. RRJM International Manpower Services, Inc.
Engineers, safety officers, storekeepers, surveyors, technicians, clerks, legal advisers, operators, chefs, food service providers, heavy equipment mechanics, inspectors QA/QC, mechanical specialists & other skilled workers

10. LBS Recruitment Agency
Health care professionals (nurses, technicians, medical staffs, engineers, construction workers (mechanic), general workers