31 Filipinos Pass Japan Caregiver Exams

Thirty-one Filipinos qualified to become certified caregivers in Japan after passing the country’s annual examinations for caregivers, the Japanese welfare ministry said Thursday.

Forty-seven Indonesians also passed the same exam.

Japan has been trying to bring in more foreign workers in the nursing-care industry amidst shrinking birthrate and rapidly growing aging population.

The 78 Filipinos and Indonesians account for 44.8 of the 174 examinees who entered the examination after meeting work qualification which includes three years of service in Japan under economic partnership agreements with each country.

The passing rate for the 2014 fiscal year exams was a record high, up from 36.3 per cent achieved in the previous years, according to Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said.

The overall passing rate — including the Japanese examinees — stands at 61.0 per cent.

Various steps have been undertaken to ease the burden of passing the tests such as allowing candidates to stay longer in Japan for study, offering Japanese-language training and extending testing time.

About 1,500 caregivers from the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam — which began deploying manpower to Japan this year — have come to Japan under partnership agreements between these countries and Japan.

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