Saudi To Publish Names of Employers, Agencies Abusing Domestic Workers

Abusers of domestic helpers in Saudi Arabia, better watch out.

The country’s Labor Ministry will publish names of employers and recruitment agencies involved in abuse of domestic workers. The blacklisted employers and agencies will appear on the new version of Musaned, the government website on licensed recruitment ofices.

The move aims to deter malpractice of citizens and agencies while protecting the rights of household service workers, according to a report by Arab News.

Majed bin Anzan, director of business development and sales at Alam Company, said this step would prevent recruitment agencies and citizens from abusing household workers.

“The blacklist will feature the names of citizens who delayed maids’ pay, withheld their passports or violated their rights,” he said during a workshop on domestic labor visas.

“It is unacceptable to allow some citizens who abuse domestics to recruit new ones without punishment,” he said. “This practice against workers harms the Kingdom’s reputation in labor-exporting countries and affects the future of the whole recruitment process.”

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