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How to Apply for SSS Retirement Pension Benefit

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After years of hard work, a worker can look forward to his or her retirement and enjoy the fruits of labor. We’re describing the benefits SSS members will receive as they reach retirement age. With a monthly or lump sum (single payment) retirement benefit.

Things to know about SSS retirement pension

  1. SSS members who reach 60 years old, made 120 monthly contributions or more, and are no longer employed or engage in self-employment are qualified to apply.
  2. If an SSS member is still employed or engaged in self-employment, he/she can only claim the benefit upon separation from employment or when he reaches 65 years old.
  3. While pension is usually granted in monthly payments, those who did not qualify for the 120 months required contribution period are likely paid in lump sum
  4. A member engaged in underground mining need to satisfy the following conditions:
    • 55 years old working for five continuous or accumulated years
    • actual date of retirement is not earlier than March 13, 1998
    • 60 years old job or not
    • made 120 monthly contributions

Application requirements

  1. Retirement Claim Application
  2. DDR Signature Card
  3. DDR Savings Account form;
  4. Certificate of Separation from last employer (if the member is less than 65 years old) ;
  5. Passbook or ATM Card (if pension); A member must open a single savings account in the bank of his choice and submit to the SSS his savings account number and a photocopy of his passbook or ATM Card upon the filing of his application. The original copy of the passbook must be presented for authentication purposes.
  6. Certified exact copies of birth or baptismal certificate of dependent children;
  7. Certified of cessation of business or practice of profession (for self-employed members who are less than 65 years old);
  8. Certified exact copy of marriage certificate
  9. Proofs of filiation for illegitimate dependent children
  10. UMID or SSS biometrics ID card or two (2) other valid IDs, both with signature and at least one (1) with photo and date of birth.


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Procedure on claiming your SSS retirement benefits

  1.  Fill up SS form DDR-1 (black ink only)
    Printed capital letters
    Member information / SS number (10 digits)
    Surname Given Middle
    Address postal code
    Date birth
    Place of birth
    Mobile phoneRegistered names of employers and address and inclusive time of employment
    NA for not applicableDependent children
    Under 21 or 21 but incapacitated
    Date of birth
    Legit or illegitimate

    Tick the box if you wish to receive the first 18 months worth of pension in advance
    Advance pension a certain percentage will be deducted from proceeds of benefit and  regular monthly pension will resume on 19th month

    Check whether you are currently receiving SS pension
    If yes, state what type of pension
    If death, SS number, and name of a deceased member

    Write SS and name (surname, first, middle) on acknowledgment stub

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    Cashcard, ATM, Passbook option
    Name of bank and branch
    Bank address account number

    Sign and date of signature

    If a member cannot sign or incapacitated, fill up the portion for fingerprint – right thumb and right index finger. This s witnessed by two persons, one of whom must be SSS employees.
    Names and signature of witnesses on space provided and date

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    Certification of Separation from Last Employer
    Employer ID number and registered number address and postal code
    Signature of representative, designation and date

  2. Submit the form and other requirements at the nearest SSS branch.
  3. Upon approval of your claim, you will receive notice from SSS informing of details of payment and when to withdraw cash from the bank.

Additional information

  • If a member is less than 65 years old and Certification of Separation from the Last Employer is not filled out, please provide:
    Non Practice of Profession
    Non-Renewal of Business Permit
    Transfer of Ownership
  • Certificate of cessation of business issued by barangay

Affidavit of cessation of
* Business
* Non-practice of profession and no earnings
if self-employed member is less than 65 years


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