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7 Job Hunting Tips To Land Your Dream Job Faster

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In the competitive world of job hunting, learning the basics is not enough. Coping with changing times is the only way to move forward; traditional way to find work — local or abroad — should give way to modern methods and techniques.

If looking for a new job is one of your resolutions in 2015, then this article is for you. While the procedure for job hunting remains the same — look for a job, apply for it, get interviewed, negotiate the pay and review the offer. Yet to get ahead of the competition and impress your desired employer, doing it smarter is the way to go.

Do proactive job search.

While others take the usual route of signing up at job websites and waiting for emails alerting of potential job matches, you can take the other way around. List down 15 or more companies you think your skill fits well. If you’re a petroleum engineer, think of Saudi Aramco, Chevron or BP. If you’re a chef, think of Star Cruises, Hyatt or any popular fine dining chain. Review their website and check if they have fresh job vacancies.

Be more active on LinkedIn.

Using the list of potential companies to apply for in mind, develop more time on your LinkedIn profile than on Facebook. Update your work experience, share work-related articles and tips, join relevant groups, meet similar-minded people and interact with them. By doing so, people get to know you and your skills and interests even before they meet you. Once you get the chance to attend a trade show, conference or convention, keep in touch with them without asking for job prospects. By sharing your expertise with them, your name becomes the first that comes to mind when the skill you exhibit is something they want to hire.

Impress with your email address.

While Gmail and Yahoo! are often used to apply for jobs — it’s a no-no to use office email — college students from reputable universities get ahead of the competition by simply using their email address. While this is definitely not the sole basis for hiring, this could be a clincher.

4. Avoid applying for jobs using social media.

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Many Facebook users, notably followers of our /OverseasFilipinoWorkers page, are tempted to “apply” for jobs using the comments section, stating their qualifications, contact details or at least their interest in jobs. To many recruiters the approach looks unprofessional. Worse, it could expose personal details hackers or identity thieves prey on. Instead of Facebook, go to See #2.

Optimize for your name as Google query.

Have you tried searching Google using your name? Does it show your photo? Your social media profile or featured article on a notable online magazine? Or maybe some embarrassing content? Many potential employers go online to do a bit of background check so it’s best to try to optimize your online presence. Post professional content (Twitter updates, start a blog, label your photos appropriately, etc) and avoid negative content in general (using your full name to post negative review of a restaurant food, hate blog posts or social media update, etc).


Promote your skills through volunteer work.

Even if you are not looking for a new job, emphasizing your skills is very important. This exposes you to your close peers, job network, and the community. You can join a volunteer group sharing your time and talent such as flower arrangement in church, computer programming tutorials, writing blog for a charity group. Add a one-page profile (narrative and not resume format) highlighting your skills and interests. This helps to get this info around. Once someone hears of a vacancy, the hope is that he or she has you in mind to recommend.

Revisit your life goals.

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Whether managing a five-man consulting agency or owning five hectares of farmland, one must have a long-term plan. Looking for a job can be an option as part of your long-term goals. But this can be a bad option if you have entrepreneurial spirit or wish to make use of personal time more efficiently. But having a job can equip you with tools such as discipline, patience, industry experience and credibility needed when you embark on more challenging stages of life.

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