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3 Domestic Worker Superstitions You May Not Be Aware Of

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Working at home in a foreign land can be a promising start for an overseas Filipino worker striving for success.

But as a newcomer trying to assimilate in a new culture, and new way of living, one can’t help but be cautious. Is my employer nice? Does he or she have a bad attitude? Some even resort to performing superstitions to achieve desirable results. For instance, an Indonesian helper faced jail term in Hong Kong for using urine and dirty laundry water into her boss’ tea drink in her belief that doing so will make employers treat her better.

There are other beliefs, though some are equally sinister as that of the Indonesian helper, but could still raise your eyebrows.

Show your smile!

In Chinese culture, crying or showing “long face” inside the house brings bad luck. We’ve heard about helpers fired by employers for exactly doing the same thing.

Adulterated drinks

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This sounds gross. Aside from adding urine, some helpers think adding menstrual blood into their food can help improve employer relationships. Another Indonesian helper did this and she faced charges.

Spitting on food (soup, congee).

This is thought to help make employers treat helpers better though we haven’t heard any helper brought to jail for tampering with their sponsor’s food.

As you may observe, such superstitious beliefs have a common objective: to make employers treat helpers well. While the objective is fair, employing such a tactic is deplorable especially since food is involved in the process.

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