6 Tips for OFWs on Vacation in the Philippines

One of the first planned activities of OFWs following years of working abroad is going on a trip or vacation. Getting a few days off is a well-deserved break and a breathing space that every OFW can offer to self after years of hard work and feeling of loneliness abroad. Whether you are planning to go to the Philippines with or without a company, the following traveling tips might come in handy.

1. Create an itinerary.

Organize your traveling plans by developing a guidebook. Planning ahead of time helps you grab the cheapest and the best deals. Also, hunt for the most affordable flight in advance. Coming up with a random schedule of things not only puts things out of order but also may overlook important matters like process bank accounts, settle debts, and renew professional licenses, which waste precious time.

2. Secure the travel documents.

Before your flight, get your plane ticket, booking reservation documents, and valid IDs ready. It is a wise idea to have these documents printed for a second copy and place them in another location. It also helps ensure travel is well documented, so immigration officers wary of human trafficking victims will not suspect and offload passengers with insufficient documents.

3. Bring your food.

Bring along some snacks and drinks with you. This can be of great help in the event of delayed and canceled flights. Foods sold in airports so expensive and have fewer choices, so it is wise to have some reserves, especially when traveling with children. While water is generally disallowed before Customs scanning, it is possible at some airports to carry water afterward.

4. Do not fail to bring medical prescription

OFWs are at risk of certain diseases and ailments. When you are taking medication, have capsules or syrup clearly labeled or secure a medical prescription from your doctor, especially in the case of controlled drugs. Otherwise, this can be a significant cause of delay as suspicious authorities can be a real headache.

5. Mark your luggage.

This can be done by attaching a bag ID card or knotting a colorful ribbon or tape on the bags. Marks like these help in identifying your luggage clearly and deter others from picking your belongings. Never go beyond the allocated weight allowance of containers to avoid paying for excess weight.

5. Do not carry too much money.

For security reasons and avoid overspending, travel on a budget. Money with more than an equivalent of $10,000 should be declared to customs. When carrying money, never put all cash in one place (e.g., pocket). Instead, hide money sporadically in bag pockets and other hidden compartments.

6. Keep safe. Wear simple.

Donning chunky gold necklaces and expensive accessories will only keep the attention of bad guys to you. This tip is particularly helpful when you are traveling with a foreigner.

On the whole, OFWs going for vacation in the Philippines should plan activities ahead of time by setting up an itinerary. Delays, hefty costs, and other problems can be prevented by careful forecast.

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