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10 Highest Paying Jobs for Filipino Fresh Graduates

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Filipino fresh graduates may find job hunting a daunting task, but Jobstreet’s Annual Salary Report offers silver lining.

According to a 2013 disclosure of companies hiring fresh graduates, travel and tourism industry pays the highest with an average monthly salary of over P20,000 for an entry-level position.  This industry also offers one of the widest variety of jobs open to new graduates.


Relatively fat paychecks are also offered for fresh graduates of telecommunications and computer-related trades.

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Top 10 industries

1. Travel / Tourism P20,629
2. Telecommunication P19,975
3. Computer / Information Technology (Hardware) P18,963
4. Hotel / Hospitality P18,940
5. Computer / Information Technology (Software) P18,863
6. Healthcare / Medical P18,387
7. Call Center / IT-Enabled Services / BPO P17,711
8. Banking / Financial Services P17,503
9. Law / Legal P16,845
10. Education P16,557

Specialization jobs such as computer hardware specialists, hotel management and healthcare roles also offer the highest paying jobs among fresh graduates with salaries starting from P19,000 and above.

Top 10 specializations

1. IT/Computer – Hardware P19,447
2. Hotel Management/Tourism Services P19,297
3. Healthcare – Nurse/Medical Support & Assistant P19,179
4. IT/Computer – Software P18,940
5. Customer Service P18,310
6. Sales – Telesales/Telemarketing P18,015
7. Banking/Financial Services P17,884
8. Law/Legal Services P17,718
9. Public Relations/Communications P17,599
10. Actuarial Science/Statistics P17,563


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