Advantages and Disadvantages of Election Gun Ban in the Philippines

The election gun ban has been common mandate in the Philippines primarily to ensure that citizens stay safe from politically influenced intrusions that may happen during election period.

There are a number of pros and cons on the matter, which is why certain individuals may also be exempt from the rule, depending on their role and status during the activity.

Be familiar with the law then decide for yourself.

The Pros of Election Gun Ban

gun-ban1. More voters. When guns are not allowed within 50 to 100 meters of election polls, people feel safer to actually go to the designated areas to vote. Citizens don’t have to worry about sudden terrorist acts that are highly related to political motives. As a result, the voting results will represent majority of the people. For example, citizens are more inclined to go to areas where they know have election gun bans properly enforced for their own safety.

2. Maintenance of peaceful elections. Since people cannot carry firearms during election period, there is little chance for potential offenders to execute their plans. There are usually checkpoints and a lot of policemen and military personnel in the designated places, as well as random areas to guarantee the safety of citizens.

3. Peace of mind. Voters and the officials assigned in election activities can concentrate more on voting for the rightful candidates instead of worrying about their safety. There is little chance for people to actually be harassed or threatened to vote for a candidate other than their true choice.

The Disadvantages of Election Gun Ban

1. Less resistance. Should there be an attack that makes use of firearms and other powerful weapons, citizens and law enforcers have few or nothing to use as resistance.

2. More creative criminals. If guns are outlawed from specific areas, criminals may come up with stronger or more powerful tools and weapons to accomplish their purpose.

3. More personnel required. Carrying out an election gun ban will require more law enforcers as well as a huge budget to guarantee the safety of all citizens. Government officials and election officials have to commence election gun ban operations a few days before the actual election to successfully carry out their plan.