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List of Items You Must Declare Upon Entry to Australia

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Passengers arriving at any entry port must declare to border security and quarantine officers of their possession of items described below. Failure to declare such items could mean fines or prosecution for offending travelers.

• Cooked and raw food and ingredients
• Dried fruit and vegetables
• Noodles and rice
• Packaged meals including airline food
• Herbs and spices
• Herbal and traditional medicines, remedies, tonics and herbal teas
• Snack foods
• Biscuits, cakes and confectionery
• Tea, coffee and other milk-based beverages

Animal Products
• Feathers, bones, horns and tusks (must be clean and free of any tissue)
• Skins, hides, and furs (rawhide including drums, shields and dog chews are prohibited)
• Wool and animal hair (includes fleece, yarn, and craft items)
• Stuffed animals and birds (taxidermy certificate required. Some may be prohibited under endangered species laws)
• Shells and coral (including jewellery, curios and souvenirs)
• Bee products including pollen, beeswax and honeycomb
• Used animal equipment including veterinary equipment and medicines, shearing or meat trade tools, saddlery and tack and animal or bird cages
• Pet food is prohibited

Plant Material
• Wooden articles and carvings including painted or lacquered items (bark is prohibited and will be removed or require treatment)
• Artefacts, handicrafts and curios made from plant material
• Mats, bags and other items made from plant material, palm fronds or leaves (goods made from banana plants are prohibited)
• Straw products and packaging
• Bamboo, cane or rattan basket ware and furnishings
• Pot pourri and coconut shells
• Goods containing cereal grain, corn husks or filled with seeds
• Christmas decorations, wreaths and ornaments (pine cones are prohibited)
• Dried flowers and arrangements
• Fresh flowers and leis (flowers that can be grown from stems such as roses, carnations and chrysanthemums are prohibited)

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Other Goods
• Craft and hobby lines made from animal or plant material
• Sporting and camping equipment including tents, footwear, hiking boots, golf equipment, bicycles and fishing equipment
• Footwear, clothing and any items used in rural areas or carrying contamination from soil, faeces or plant material

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