5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Becoming ‘TNT’

One of the many reasons why people go abroad is because they wanted to have a greener pasture. Because of that goal, they do everything to set off overseas. They even go to the extent of faking their documents, going on tourist visas and then overstaying, and others.

In 2006, statistics showed that there were about 11 million illegal immigrants in the US, 215,000 of these are Filipinos. Hence the term, TNT or in local lingo ‘tago ng tago’ which means constantly hiding.

Chasing one’s dreams is not at all a bad idea. However, it is important that when doing so, one keeps everything legal, especially, his or her documents. It is important to note that people realize that taking the risk and becoming a ‘TNT’ is never a good idea, because of the following reasons:

1. It destroys one’s credibility, the image of its country as well as the image of his or her fellowmen. Because of these practices, countries are becoming strict when it comes to releasing visas especially to those applying for student and tourist visas. They set very high standards that are difficult to comply. Thus, not only those TNTs are affected but the future generations as well. Gone were those days when a tourist visa, especially in the United States, required just merely a passport and medical exams. Nowadays, even pocket money is being scrutinized.

2. First world countries are efficient and in no time, these TNTs will be caught, unless an amnesty program enables them to gain legal residence status or they get away with mere deportation without serving time. With good governance and high technology, it is more likely that these TNTs will be found or reported to the authorities sooner than later. They will end up in jail, and after which, will be deported back to their countries, blacklisted, and would never be allowed to come back to the country again. In addition to those, there is also a high possibility that caught TNTs will not be allowed to enter other foreign countries because of their history of being blacklisted.

3.A TNT will always have the fear of being caught and cannot move freely in the country where they are. TNTs will always worry about their current status. They will always be bound by limitations in activities, work, socialization, and others. These TNTs are prone to being employed as workers who are being paid below the minimum wage and will have no choice because their illegal immigrant status does not grant them say labor rights like ordinary citizens. Moreover, they are also the most common targets for blackmailing and coercion by unscrupulous individuals or groups.

Photo credit: www.freedomwriter.com
Photo credit: www.freedomwriter.com

4. A TNT will never be entitled to any privilege. Living in another country, other than the one a person is used to, is very difficult especially in a first world country that is highly commercialized. One cannot live without a cellphone, a vehicle, credit cards, and others. And these privileges are totally impossible for TNTs to avail of. Moreover, insurances and hospital privileges which are very important are as well denied of TNTs.

5. A TNT will find it hard to seek justice in cases of abuse or maltreatment. A TNT cannot seek the help of the authorities in case he or she gets harmed. Even in the cases of robbery, car accident, and other crimes, a TNT will not have the opportunity to receive help from the police and other authorities.

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