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How to Sponsor Dubai Resident Visa for Your Parents

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A residence visa is a “pass” for non UAE nationals and citizens to reside for an indefinite period in any Gulf country. Any expat who holds a valid resident visa with a salary of AED 20, 000 can only file for sponsorship of resident visas for their parents. This article is a guide for Filipino expats who intend to get their parents or parents-in-law to live indefinitely in UAE particularly Dubai.

Criteria for Residence Visa for Parents
In order to successfully sponsor Dubai resident visas for parents, the expat has to meet the following legibility requirements:

residence_visa_uae· A proof that the expat is the sole provider of the parents, and that, nobody can take care of them in their home country.
· Possession of a medical insurance policy for every parent.
· The expat should earn a salary of at least AED 20,000 (Php 246, 000 +).

The wage or salary of the expat is an important qualifying requirement to sponsor parents. In the event the individual’s income is lower than the aforementioned rate, talk to the DNRD regarding the alternate options. In most cases, parents of the expats are initially granted with entry visa before the resident permit is granted.

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Requirements for Entry Visa for Parents
· Application form
· Original passports (sponsor and parents)
· Proof of relationship
· Existing job contract
· Salary certificate from the employer
· Tenancy agreement, contract (should have at least 2 bedrooms)

Requirements for Residence Visa for Parents
· Application form
· Medical test results
· Three photos per parent
· Original passports (sponsor and parents)
· Entry visa, original form
· Medical insurance policies
· Entry visa receipt
· Existing job contract
· Salary certificate from the employer
· Electrical bill of the previous month

For more information about residence visa requirements, read on this article.

Process for Obtaining Resident Visa for Parents

  1. Present the required documents to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs-Dubai. Wait for a period of two weeks for the decision. Applicants may receive an SMS if the application is approved or rejected.
  2. If approved, complete the provided additional forms and pay the needed fees.
  3. Entry permits are released within 48 hours after the application. For urgent visas, they are released on the same day.
  4. For parents under the entry visa, the visa must be converted to residency visa no later than 2 months from the date of entry.
  5. For application of residency visa, obtain a medical card and take the documents to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai. Complete the necessary forms and proceed to the residency section.
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Note: residency visa stamps will be sent through Empost.

Application Fees

  • AED 2, 000 (refundable when the person dies or when the visa is cancelled)
  • AED 110, conversion of entry visa to residence visa
  • AED 100, for urgent visa application
  • AED 10, Empost fees

Nowadays, the immigration system of Abu Dhabi has been stricter than ever due to many reports of abuse and violations of the previous visa system. As a result, obtaining a residency visa for parents are considerably difficult these days since it matters now the profession and the designation of the sponsor. In addition, the UAE Foreign Ministry does not allow sponsorship that combines a parent and a parent-in-law.

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