Thursday, May 25, 2023


Working in Singapore: 10 Things Filipinos Need to Know Before Working There

Working in Singapore is a preference for many Filipinos. It is just a few hours flight from the Philippines and shares the same timezone and climate so adjustment is just fine. It happens to be a progressive island nation,...

Why More Singapore Employees Hire Detectives to Spy on Helpers

More employers are hiring private detectives to spy on their helpers. One of them is 27-year-old Shoba Devi, who got suspicious when her Filipina domestic worker started long phone conversations late at night. Devi, an unmarried administrative assistant who lives...

Rights and Duties of Domestic Helpers in Singapore

Domestic Helpers in Singapore are protected by the Standard Employment Contract and the Singaporean Law. Therefore, it is essential that both the employer and employee are well versed with these laws and agreements, so that neither will end up...
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10 Common OFW Topics Overseas Filipinos Talk Mostly Abroad

Whether it's in shared accommodations, after church gatherings, or weekend days off, Filipinos abroad will always find to connect...
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