Saudi Arabia To Stop Renewal of Residence Permits to Workers of These 33 Types of Jobs

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has warned of a bleak picture in the Saudi Arabian jobmarket as the country intensifies its workforce nationalization program.

In a statement, POEA said that more Filipino and other foreign workers will be displaced as the Saudi government would stop the renewal of residency permits for foreigners in 35 occupations. the Kingdom will will further limit its reliance on foreign workers by 2020.

The affected professions are as follows:

  1. Purchasing officer
  2. Dealer of auto shows
  3. Information recorder
  4. Central commissar
  5. Housing supervisor
  6. Secretary
  7. Customer accountant
  8. Debt collector
  9. Written functions
  10. Tour guide
  11. Pharmacist
  12. Assistant pharmacist
  13. Medical secretary
  14. Financial references
  15. Administrative clerk
  16. Relationship jobs
  17. Storekeeper
  18. Prospecting staff
  19. Support staff
  20. Human resources officer
  21. Personnel manager
  22. Receptionists
  23. Employees in employees units
  24. Treasurer
  25. References to government departments
  26. Security guard
  27. Administrative manager
  28. Librarian
  29. Training manager
  30. Purchasing manager
  31. Bookseller
  32. Mail dispenser
  33. Administrative assistant

The list adds to a previously announced jobs not available to foreign nationals. The new policy will also lead to the termination of employment and deportation of foreigners aged between 35 to 54.

“The move will give opportunity for young Saudi graduates to work in the Kingdom and end the prevailing unemployment crisis,” POEA said.

The Saudi government began to curb its dependence on foreign workers two years ago by imposing taxes on dependents of expatriates staying in the country. The initial tax amount is 100 riyals, and it will increase to 300 riyals by July this year.

“Saudi Arabia also imposed in January 2018 a tax of 400 riyals per month for every expat worker from companies whose foreign workers outnumber locals. The levy increased to 600 riyals in January 2019 and will increase to 800 riyals per month by 2020,” POEA said.

Based from POEA stats, the number of deployment to Saudi Arabia has been declining since 2016.

From 460,121 deployed OFWs in KSA in 2016, the count dropped to 433,567 in 2017.

POEA has yet to release its deployment data from 2018, but labor officials anticipate the decrease will continue in the coming years as the Saudi government continues to grapple with economic woes.

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