13 Filipinos Arrested For Drug Trafficking in Venezuela

Venezuelan authorities arrested 20 people on charges of drug trafficking during a special operation. The detainees, from whom operatives of the Bolivarian National Guard seized 147 kg of cocaine, include 13 Filipinos, three Russians, three Venezuelans and one Ukrainian, according to Crime Russia website.

The arrested Filipinos were identified as Enrico Gómez, Elpidio Leones, Ibrahim Nodi, Rodney Insong, Derwing Oabel, Daryl Alveniz, Hans Villamor, Jan Amor, Charilie Mella, Anthony Sindagan, Néstor Molina, Constante Gano and Kendric Calanog, according to a report from Maritime Bulletin.

In total, 124 bags of narcotics were seized from suspects in the northern state of Anzoátegi. This happened during an inspection by the employees of the anti-drug unit of the National Guard tanker Jose Progress in the Jose Antonio Anzoategui bay.

It is known that the ship under Panamanian flag headed for the Belgian port of Ghent. All detainees, who have already been taken into custody, are accused of drug trafficking.