HK Domestic Worker Cleans High-rise Building Window

Despite warnings from labor exporting governments and Hong Kong government’s ban on cleaning of outside windows on high-rise buildings, there are still those who risk their lives and limbs to fulfill their household duties.

A photo posted on Saturday showing a woman cleaning a window from the outside of a residential building in Hong Kong has gone viral on social media.

Without any safety and protective gear, the woman was apparently cleaning the outside window in a high-rise residential apartment, which is a typical type of accommodation in China’s special administrative region.

According to Asia Times, the person who took the photo did not give the location of the building, but the photo showed the apartment was four stories above the ground.

It was difficult to identify whether the woman was a domestic worker. Many commented that it was dangerous for anyone to clean external windows without having proper training.

Six incidents of foreign domestic workers falling to their deaths have been recorded in the past five years, prompting the Labour Department to introduce measures to protect domestic workers from requests to clean window exteriors on high-rise buildings.

Two new clauses were added to employment contracts. One clause states that only windows with locked grilles can be cleaned by maids. The other stated that no part of the domestic worker’s body should be outside the window except the arms.