Filipino in NY Sues Kababayan Over Failed Onion Farm Investment

A Filipino man based in Queens, New York is suing a woman after she issued a bounced check payment of US$20,500, money borrowed plus interest, she owed him since last year, according to ABS-CBN News.

When Analiza Daus-Amante of Buda, Texas invited Arvin Calica via Facebook messenger to invest in an onion farm in the Philippines, the latter said he entrusted her with his life savings and sent her the money through Western Union beginning September 2017.

Calica also claimed Amante borrowed a few thousand more for her personal use. This time, Calica used his credit card to lend her money.

“Nung December 4, ginamit niya ‘yung credit card ko sa Pilipino restaurant na kakilala niya sa Austin, Texas: isang $1,700 at isa hong $2,000 dollars. Dahil sa tiwala ko binigay ko ‘yung credit card ko aprub niya,” said Calica.

Apparently, Calica is not the only victim.

Back in 2010, Mylyn Princesa met Daus-Amante in New Jersey back in 2010. She said Daus-Amante needed money to pay for her mortgage.

Just like Calica, Princesa allowed Daus-Amante to use her credit card to pay for someone’s purchase at PC Richards so Daus-Amante can get the $800 cash.

“She knows someone from PC Richards and they said I just have to give my license, ID number and so that’s what I did, and they processed the transaction. A month later, I was asking for the money… I keep hounding her for the money and then later on I received a check in the amount of $650, and when I cashed it, it bounced.”

Princesa filed a case against Amante in a small claims court in Jersey City in 2016.

On her part, Daus-Amante, reached out to ABS-CBN News via social media under the username Joice Samuel, saying that she owes people money and pledged she will pay them.

But last May, a $15,000-dollar check she paid Calica bounced.

Calica and Princesa said all they are asking Daus-Amante is to get their hard-earned money back.