A Mother’s Love: Singapore OFW Sends Own Breastmilk to Her Children in Philippines

Distance is not a problem for an overseas Filipino worker to send her breastmilk to her own children who are in the Philippines.

Medical technologist Felirose Bartolome, has two children — a two-year-old toddler and a 6-month-old baby — back home, in a report by ABS-CBN News.

When the eldest child was born in 2016, Bartolome took time off to spend time with her child and breastfeed her. But soon she decided to bring her child to Singapore so she can continue to feed her personally.

“I immediately processed my child’s passport because I want to breastfeed her for another month so I brought her to Singapore.” said Felirose.

“You know that bond as a mother and child, especially when she looks up at you while feeding, I don’t want to lose that, but I have to work because I am the breadwinner of the family,” she added.

After one month, her baby had to return to the Philippines. But at the same time, she was still lactating.

Breastmilk is packed frozen and prepared for delivery to the Philippines.

“It would be a waste to stop because I had so much milk. Initially, I planned to breastfeed until three months but it was extended because I had plenty of supply. Then I thought, why not send my milk to the Philippines?,” the Filipino mother explained.

Pumping milk has since been part of her daily routine, even at her workplace. She stores her milk in 180ml bags in a two-door refrigerator. And everytime a friend travels to the Philippines, she books 20 kilogram check in luggage and asks them to deliver the milk to her Dasmariñas, Cavite home.

She also flies to the Philippines every month to personally give the milk. In other times, Felirose’s mother fly her children to Singapore.

“The milk is still frozen when it arrives at my house. In the event that some milk is already liquefied, that is the first batch that my mommy gives to my baby.”

“Thank you for the support you give, for the advice and wise words. Thank you for supporting my breastfeeding journey with my kids, you are even the one who encourage me to push through as long I have milk.” She tells to her mom.