Filipina Helper Arrested For Stealing, Pawning Employer’s Rolex Watch, Jewelry

Authorities in Hong Kong arrested a Filipina domestic worker after she allegedly stole and pawned her employer’s luxury watch and other jewelry.

Investigators charged Emily M.P., 31, with theft before the Eastern Magistrates Courts in Sai Wan Ho on July 3, a report from Hong Kong News said.

The Filipino woman allegedly stole a pair of diamond earrings, a Rolex watch, a Canon EOS 700D camera, one camera lens, and a necklace. The estimated worth of the loot is HK$67,000 (P456,225).

The thefts allegedly happened between Sept. 21, 2017 and April 22, 2018 in her employers’ flat at Block 2, Illumination Terrace, 5-7 Tai Hang Road, Tai Hang, an upscale district in Hong Kong island.

A government lawyer told Judge Law of Eastern Magistrates Courts that the suspect admitted to committing the crime during the police interrogation. He added that investigators also found three pawnshop tickets in her possession.

But when the judge asked the fiscal if the suspect’s employers had confirmed that the pawned items belonged to them, the government lawyer replied that they had yet to do so.

The magistrate adjourned Emily’s case to July 9 so that the prosecution could confirm with her employers if the pawned items were indeed their missing valuables. In the meantime, the domestic worker is remanded in jail.

The defendant’s lawyer asked Judge Law if she could be allowed to post bail, adding that the suspect could stay at an address provided by her church.

However, the magistrate rejected Emily’s bail petition, noting the gravity of the allegation against her.

The judge said the suspect could still appeal to the High Court if she really wanted to post bail and get temporary freedom while her case is pending.