Pinay Nurse in Al Ain Remits Money, Wins AED50,000

When Filipina Florence Lomibao sent money back home using her online banking app, she did not expect that was the key to her winning AED50,000.

In a report by Gulf News, the Filipina nurse based in Al Ain used her ADCB online banking app through Xpress Money to send money to finance the construction of a house in Pangasinan.

“At first, I just couldn’t believe that I have won Dh50,000. Everybody has been asking me about what I’m going to do with the money. With this money, I can finish the construction of my dream home in the next 45 days; and with whatever remains, I would like to start a small business in the Philippines – maybe a food cart or something.”

“Right now, I’m just too excited. I have been using Xpress Money to send money since I moved to the UAE and when I found out that the service was available through ADCB online banking, it became the obvious choice as I already had an ADCB account.”

Lomibao has been working as a nurse in Al Ain for the past two-and-a-half years. Since last year, she has allocated a portion of her income to build her dream house.

While not everyone who sends money home gets to win a prize, the mere fact that it brings smile to the face of recipients is often enough to lift up the spirits of a hard-working OFW.