Abused Filipina Maid Works Without Pay For 23 in Saudi Arabia

A Filipino domestic worker in Saudi Arabia who has been working for a family of 23, has sought the help of the Philippine government that although her contract ended in 2016, she continues to work for the family and not getting paid for her services.

Mary Jane Abogadie has already reached out to the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh for help, but nothing has been done so far, according to her aunt Lilian Escalora. The aunt added that Abogadie’s employer would sometimes lock her up and starve her. They also reportedly confiscated her passport.

Meanwhile, Josephine Tobia, Welfare Officer of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, stated that help will be extended to repatriate the Filipino worker.

Tobia added that the administration will get in touch with Abogadie’s recruitment agency to know why she was still staying with her employers despite her contract ending last year.