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When OFWs Stay Longer Abroad Past Their Retirement Age

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Even as the retirement age of 60 promises well-deserved rest and benefits offered by the government so they can go home, there are Filipinos abroad who prefer to remain as OFWs to continue to provide for their families.

Prescilla Nefalar, also known by her friends as “Nanay Precy,” is already 70 years old, is one of them. She started to work as a domestic helper in Hong Kong since 1982 and remains in the same profession after 35 years in service.

In an interview with GMA News, Nanay Precy admits that she continues to work so she can support her sick sibling.

“Itong Hong Kong, noong 1982, nandito ako, bihira pa lang ang mga buildings. Ngayon nag-iba na itong Hong Kong Bank, nag-iba na rin itong mga hotel, marami nang nag-iba,” she said.

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Still blessed with good health and ability to perform household works, Nanay Precy just finished her two-year contract with her current employer and awaits her employer’s decision for possible renewal of her employment contract.

Nanay Precy is not the only septuagenarian Filipina domestic worker.

Milagros Villar, 76, has also been working for the same employer in Hong Kong for over 30 years.

Nanay Milla shared that she was with her employer when she was still single and remains with her now that she has her own family.

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Despite old age and suffering from arthritis with the way she walks, Nanay Milla still works abroad. But unlike Nanay Precy, who is looking forward to a current employment contract, Nanay Milla is looking forward to ending her 34-year stint in Hong Kong and return to the Philippines and be with her family, especially her grandchildren.

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