Filipino in United States Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Gun Parts

A Filipino in New Jersey, USA has pleaded guilty in violating United States gun control act when he admitted to smuggling more than $200,000 worth of gun parts out of the United States to the Philippines, a US attorney said.

According to U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman, Kirby Santos made the plea in violation of the Arms Export Control Act and US anti-smuggling laws before U.S. District Judge Noel L. Hillman in the Camden federal court. He was arrested in Guam in March.

Court records showed Santos admitted to collaborating with others to ship firearms parts from the United States to the Philippines from 2008 until 2013 using credit cards and other payment methods to procure firearms parts from US suppliers.

Since suppliers do not ship products to the Philippines, Santos made arrangements for parts to be delivered to his co-conspirators based in states of New Jersey and Washington.

Abelardo Delmundo, of Toms River, New Jersey, under the direction of Santos, repackaged the firearms parts, labelled them as “other items” and exported the parts to the Philippines for delivery to Santos.

To avoid detection, the conspirators also used aliases when they sent the packages. Upon receipt of the items, Santos paid his conspirators in cash or through wire transfer.

The conspiracy charge is punishable by a maximum potential penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.