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An Expat’s Life in Oman: An Experience Worth Anything

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For long have experts debated over the strategic importance of countries like the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and the importance they hold for the Gulf to move ahead with chances of a steep growth. But, seldom have we realized about other nations sharing border with these prominent countries and contributing a major chunk towards prospects of an economically sound future amongst the GCC countries.

One such nation to consider is Oman. Bordered by countries like the UAE and Yemen, the Sultanate of Oman holds one of the most strategically significant positions in the mouth of Persian Gulf. Having come up from the position of a powerful empire to one making immense progress on the economic front, surely there’s more than meets the eye, as far as the country is concerned.

Being an expatriate there might be a zillion inhibitions and apprehensions hovering above your head. Just hold your horses, the section to follow will throw some light over the same. Give it a good glance and gain a clearer insight regarding Oman.

The Labor Force in Oman

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As suggested by reputable sources, the country had a collective labor force of nearly 1809462 back in 2013. Although, back in 2007 more than 60% of the workforce came from countries overseas, however, with more and more Omani locals going for high school graduation and degree courses, effective competition per job profile has increased with a steep ascent. While on one hand, you might noticed that a majority of workforce coming to this exotic gulf country comes as unskilled labor going for low-lying jobs, a multitude of executive positions go to the highly-qualified expatriates nevertheless.

How Has The Country’s Economy Been?

Inspired by the likes of countries like the UAE, the regime in Oman too is pushing for all efforts they can and make it a state non reliant on oil produces. However, as of now, the country majorly remains an oil based economy. Having major oil corporations like Petroleum Development Oman, which is responsible for 70% of the Sultanate’s crude oil production, there’s no denying the fact that those enticed by the oil and gas sector sure do hold great chances of career proliferation in the country. Plus, companies like Oman Drydock Co, will provide direct employment to over 1500 professionals, with the major chances of workforce rising above 3,000 by 2020.


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In addition to these factors, the Vision 2020 has surely been buzzing the air regarding a major surge to be expected in sectors like tourism, manufacturing and hospitality, wherein the country holds a great potential to make immense progress. Hence, being thoughtful about future growth, there are plentiful reasons for you to consider the chances of scoring a job in Oman. Rest is itself assured by the booming GDP in the Sultanate.

Working Conditions in The Sultanate

Like its sister Gulf countries, Oman also follows the norms that push for a working week from Sunday to Thursday, with the Omani labor law pushing for not more than 48 hours of work in a week. Plus, if a worker opts for an overtime, he is entitled to score a compensation or time-off accordingly.

Even though you might be thinking about saving some bucks and earn financial benefits while working here, Oman is a pretty generous country as far as taxation is concerned. It’s quite a renowned fact that in spite of the country having tax rules, your net income will be any day higher than you earned back at home. Sounds like a plausible reason to hunt for a desirable job offer here, right?

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Apart from all of this, there’s a huge expat population that you can blend up with, if in Muscat. To cut some slack from work, you can find numerous social clubs and organizations that cater to different tastes and social backgrounds. Plus, it being a city filled up to the brink with professionals, networking will be a child’s play for you, which surely is a sign of better career growth anywhere on the globe.

anshumanAuthor Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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