Philippine Embassy Advisory to Filipinos in Kuwait


Embassy Advisory, 26 June 2015

The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait, with the guidance of the new Ambassador released an advisory for all OFWs in Kuwait.
Embassy Advisory, 26 June 2015. With the guidance of our Ambassador.

1. As always, Don’t Panic.

2. The first principle is to stay put in our residences and places of work. Be aware of your surroundings.

3. So far there are no OFW casualties. Let’s monitor.

4. The Kuwaiti government confirmed just now that all Filipinos in Kuwait are safe.

5. The Embassy is monitoring the situation with Philippine groups and leaders.

6. Be careful in going to crowded places like some malls, or staying out late at night.

7. Most of all, even as you are careful, go on with your normal activities. Life and work go on.

8. Be in touch with your Embassy.

9. We have done things together so many times before.



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