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Cebuano OFWs Top 10 Pasalubong Ideas

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While a pasalubong is often understood as gifts from Filipinos coming from abroad, it’s not always the case.

Filipinos returning from vacation from the Philippines also bring treats to friends, employers or colleagues. If you’re from Cebu, you’ll likely have plenty of options. We conducted an internal survey to check out what are the most common gifts an OFW from Cebu will likely bring after a trip from his or her hometown.

  • Danggit – is a salted, sun-dried rabbitfish abundant in Cebu’s shallower waters. It is a popular local fare often paired with rice, eggs and vinegar-chili dip. It can be bought at grocery stores, shopping malls or at Taboan Market where you can buy them cheaper.
  • Chicharon – is pork skin crackling made either of pure skin or one that has traces of meat, stripped of oil, producing a tasty crispy bite. Carcar is a popular place to find this delicacy.
  • Otap – is an oval shaped pastry consisting of flour, shortening, sugar and coconut, achieving its crunchy feel in a two-stage baking process.
  • Dried Mangoes – consists of a pack of dried mango meat. There are a few variations, including the sour green mangoes and mangorinds or mango/tamarind  mixture
  • Cebu shirt – commonly found in souvenir shops, shopping malls and smaller stalls near tourist attractions.
  • Torta Cebunao – has rich taste from butter, coconut, flour and milk
  • Lechon – is roasted pig cooked in a pit over charcoal, a process that makes pork skin crisp.
  • Key Chains – a small keepsake that comes in various designs (jeepney, guitar, I Love Cebu text, etc). It’s lightweight, cheap and non-perishable making it an easy item to carry along.
  • Chorizo – is Cebu’s version of longanisa, has more meat and less fat and spices. It is widely available in supermarkets and Taboan Market.
  • Guitars – is popular with locals and music-loving Filipino expatriates with its affordability and good quality.


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