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Rights and Duties of Domestic Helpers in Singapore

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Domestic Helpers in Singapore are protected by the Standard Employment Contract and the Singaporean Law. Therefore, it is essential that both the employer and employee are well versed with these laws and agreements, so that neither will end up in jail.

Both the employer and worker must comprehend and abide by the Singapore law that states, the code:

  • Applies to both the foreigners as well as the Singaporeans.
  • Protects all those legally living and working in Singapore, including those foreign workers.
  • If an employer, even if he or she is a Singaporean Citizen, breaks the law by treating an employee poorly, may be punishable by law.
  • On the other hand, if an employee breaks the law, he or she will also be punished.

As a foreign domestic employee, there are certain restrictions that one must abide with:

  1. The employee can only work for the employer stated in his or her work permit card. Domestic helpers are only allowed to work for their employees. They are not allowed to work for the employer’s neighbors or even relatives.
  2. The employee can only work at the address stated on his or her work permit. He or she is not allowed to work at the employer’s business or other houses. However, the employer can leave the employee and her kids at a relative’s home.
  3. The employee, if a domestic helper, can only work as a domestic helper. An employee is bounded by the job stipulated in his or her documents. He or she is not allowed to work in another work, regardless of whether it is full-time or not.
  4. The employee must not get involved in any illegal activity.
  5. The worker must not engage in any relationship with a Singaporean citizen or a Singapore permanent resident.
  6. The employee must not be pregnant while working in Singapore. All foreign domestic staff are mandated to go for medical checkup every six months.
  7. There are several instances that an employee finds an employer who asks him or her to perform illegal activity or illegally employs the employee, he or she must say ‘NO’ or call the employment agency or dial MOM’s hotline 1-800-339-5505. On the other hand, if a foreigner breaks the rules of Singapore, then his or her permit will be canceled and will not be any more allowed to go to Singapore in the future.

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Duties of employers of domestic helpers in Singapore:

  1. The employers must also respect the rights of their employees and abide by the laws set.
  2. The employer must pay an employee’s salary monthly. An employer is given seven days grace period to pay the employee’s salary, or else the employer can be reported to authorities.
  3. The employer must provide the employee with a proper place to sleep.
  4. The employer must provide an adequate amount of food for the employee.
  5. The employer must also allow employee rest periods.
  6. The employer also shoulders the employee’s medical expenses, in case the employee gets sick.
  7. The employer must also follow the recent mandate allowing employees weekly rest day.


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  1. Eventhough we want to go out every sunday but still there are employers who dont allow specially if its a big house and u have co workers always do alternate off days which is leaving ang employee of no choice coz their reason is they pay the 2 days off.if its the law everyone should apply it…MOM should check it to the payments for sunday…

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